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Blue for Sea – Green for Spring: A Representative Statement of the May the 19th – 2017, 1stPrize
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ISBS2019, 4th International Sustainable Building Symposium Awards, The Best Sustainability Application Award, Gölbaşı Public Garden – 2019, 1st Prize
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Bilkent University Dormitories and Sports Fields, Ankara, 2018
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Kuzu Effect, Ankara, 2019
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UCTEA, Chamber of Landscape Architects, ‘Time-Space-Memory’ – Idea Projects Category, Urban Design Project for Garipçe Castle - 2019, 2nd Prize
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İstiklal is Reviving … Istanbul, 2016
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Sekapark, Izmit, 2007
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Kars Ani: Memory and Nature, Kars, 2011
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Bilkent University Pond and its Vicinity, 2019
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Maltepe Regional Park, 2014
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Manisa 'SOMA' Martyrdom, 2014
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ON TASARIM, a Company of Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture, has been founded in 2006 by Dr. Oktan Nalbantoğlu for establishing ecology-based, sustainable,
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nationalparks, large-scalepublicgardens, permaculture, naturalpreserveareas
urbanrehabilitation, architecturalrestoration, open-airmuseums, memorialarchitecture, revitalization, historicalprservation
landscaperestoration, urbanparks, urbanagriculture
urbanregeneration, squares, streets, citycenter, transportationarchitecture, large-scalepublicspaces, culturalcenters, recreationalareas

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UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects, 2nd Urban Design Symposium, Istanbul, 2020

UCTEA, Chamber of Landscape Architects have organized the 2nd Urban Design Syposium, in Istanbul.Asst.
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'Urban and Landscape Architecture' in Future

Session 2.The Role and Future of Landscape Architects in Cities..Asst. Prof. Dr. Oktan NalbantoğluON
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'Landscape as Collective Memory..'

UCTEA, Chamber of Landscape Architects and International Federation of Landscape Architects - Europe has
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