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'ilk on' ON TASARIM Exhibiton, Ankara, Istanbul, 2018

‘’ilk on’’ Urban and Landscape Encounters: The Story of On Tasarım, founded by Oktan Nalbantoğlu, meets up companions from science and art community, private and public institutions, and colleagues from universities in the field of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Architecture, so
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'Landscape as Collective Memory..'

UCTEA, Chamber of Landscape Architects and International Federation of Landscape Architects - Europe has organized the 7th International Landscape Architecture Congress within the scope of Landscape as Collective Memory. Participants discussed various significant aspects and components of
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'Urban and Landscape Architecture' in Future

Session 2.The Role and Future of Landscape Architects in Cities..Asst. Prof. Dr. Oktan NalbantoğluON TASARIM..24 December 2019 I 14:30.Ege University I Feyzi Önder Conference Hall
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Contribution to the Profession Award

Contribution to the Profession Award is presented to Asst. Prof. Dr. Oktan Nalbantoğlu who has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Landscape Architecture during of his career, by the 14th session of the Executive Board.
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