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Nature Park of Hatay Kisecik

Hatay Kisecik Topography Park Kisecik Nature Park, which is located inside the agricultural landscapes of Antakya, is a recreational, entertainment, cultural and athletic area truly springing from inside nature. The use of topography is not the main design idea – the park is the very
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National Botanical Garden of Turkey

Ankara Botanical Garden: Understanding the World of Plants … National Botanical Garden of Turkey, located 10 kilometers away from Ankara city center, covers an approximately 200 ha area on the kilometer 9 of the Ankara-Eskişehir highway. Located between two important university campuses, and
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Outer City Wall of Diyarbakır

An Urban Exhibit that Challenges Time: Diyarbakır City Wall – Outside the Wall – Unique Wall (Sur – Derve – Yekane) Landscape Design Project of Diyarbakır Outer Fortress is located between the old city market and Fiskaya, on the northwestern edge of the “Diyarbakır Fortress and
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Özyeğin University, Landscape Design of Dormitory - 6 and Guesthouse

A Model for Dormitory Design: New Green Types for Özyeğin   The landscape design project of Özyeğin University 6th Dormitory complex stays loyal to the campus-wide ecological design and integrates open green areas. The four linear dormitory buildings perpendicular to the guesthouse and
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Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center, Swimming Pool and its Surrounding

BİLKENT HOTEL and CONFERENCE CENTER, Swimming Pool and its Surrounding Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center, founded in 1991, is the first congress and conference hotel in Ankara. The Hotel, as an establishment of Bilkent Holding, has always been targeted to improve and change existing
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