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Sakarya Urban Park

Escaping to Nature in Sakarya – Urban Park Project site of Urban Park has approximately 72.000 m2 area that is at the city center of Sakarya. Existing flora has been preserved as much as possible while various activities, recreation and leisure spaces are designed and proposed. An integration
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Ankara Gölbaşı Urban Park

The basic aim of Gölbaşı Urban Park project is to rehabilitate existing natural characteristics, to integrate to the town, to complete an urban design study in accordance with natural and wetland ecosystems, to unite with Ankara transportation systems, and to protect and to open the existing
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National Botanical Garden of Turkey

Ankara Botanical Garden: Understanding the World of Plants … National Botanical Garden of Turkey, located 10 kilometers away from Ankara city center, covers an approximately 200 ha area on the kilometer 9 of the Ankara-Eskişehir highway. Located between two important university campuses, and
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Rehabilitation of Historical Yedikule ‘Bostan’s and Agriculture Park

Agricultural Space | Edible Landscape: Yedikule ‘Bostan’s   Active-passive green areas and urban open space balance, which are practiced in cities around the world, are now gaining a more productive, multi-functional and multi-user character because of the increasing population,
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Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus

Gaziantep Health Campus as a Landscape Design Model   Gaziantep Integrated Health Campus, which will be located in the Şehitkamil district of Gaziantep Province, is one of the largest health investments in Turkey in the recent years. The facility will have 1867 beds and will six major units
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