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Urban Design Project Competition for Orhangazi Square and its Vicinity

Urban Design in Historical Ottoman Texture of Bursa: Orhangazi Urban Square and its Vicinity Bursa, one of the key centers of the Ottoman Empire, has faced both glory and destructions throughout its history, rising from its ashes every single time. The urban texture of Bursa is shaped around
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National Urban Design Project Idea Competition on İsmetpaşa Street and its Vicinity

Historical Urban Axis of Uşak: A Pedestrianization Project   Today, its many historic examples of civil architecture, mosques, inns and bathhouses function as an open-air museum. But, the city has still many important today such as the extra dense city center, the chaotic traffic and the
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The National Urban Design, Planning and Landscape Competition on Zonguldak Lavoir Protection Area and its Surroundings

Black Diamond of Zonguldak: Future of the Coal Lavoir Area Coal production facilities have played a critical role in the formation and location of Zonguldak’s urban texture for many years, with the city shaping around these facilities on steep slopes. Currently, the major problem of Zonguldak
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National Urban Design Project Competition of the Ziyapasa Neighborhood Mimar Sinan Park

Adana park – Seyhan River All over again…   The recent history of the project area reveals a geometric urban pattern featuring formal orange gardens. This formal geometry has been one of the pillars of our design approach aiming for sustained continuity between the past and the future. The
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National Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition for Kızyakup City Park

Bursa Kızyakup City Park   The leading role of Bursa in modernization has impacted the surrounding settlements, with all the master plans featuring grid-plan neighborhoods for immigrants, forced into the organic urban texture. Mass migrations to Bursa following the years of the Early Republic
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Manisa Great Mosque and its Protected Surroundings

Manisa Grand Mosque Sits Back the Spil Mountain   Located in the central district of the Province of Manisa, by the foothills of the Spil Mountain, the project area is surrounded by the Mevlana Road to the south and by an asphalt road going by the historical buildings at the north. The
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Environmental Design and a Visitor Center for Kars Ani Ruins

Kars Ani: Memory and Nature   The province of Kars is located on the border with Armenia and is the last stop of the Turkish railway system in Eastern Anatolia. The Oriental Express operating between İstanbul-Ankara-Kars takes 36 hours to reach Kars from İstanbul. With the Kars airport
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Ahlat Seljukid Meydanlık Graveyard

Heritage of Ahlat: Seljuk Meydanlık Graveyard The district of Ahlat, located on the northwestern edge of Lake Van in the province of Bitlis, is home to the largest historic Muslim Cemetery in the world: a Seljuk cemetery with six different zones of graves. Selçuklu Meydanlık Graveyard, the
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Istiklal Caddesi

İstiklal is Reviving …   İstiklal Caddesi, also known as Cadde-i Kebir or Grand Rue de Pera, has become a symbol of İstanbul for its own sake, independent of its association with Taksim. It is an urban line in which cultural and architectural heritage and collective memory live. Before
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