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Morocco Casablanca Waterfront, Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition

  Casablanca Waterfront Again - Costablanca   Casablanca, the frontier city of Morocco to the western world, connects Africa with the Atlantic Ocean, but, the city has gradually lost its coastal qualities. In order to integrate existing coastal line to city life in a sustainable way,
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Landscape and Urban Design Project Competition of İzmit Waterfront

An Ecological Coastal Line to Izmit Izmit found itself thrown in a rapid process of industrialization starting from the 1950s and bears the traces of an unplanned urban development that undermined its urban identity. Rather than a mere waterfront development putting make-up on the city, the
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National Urban Design Project Competition of the Ziyapasa Neighborhood Mimar Sinan Park

Adana park – Seyhan River All over again…   The recent history of the project area reveals a geometric urban pattern featuring formal orange gardens. This formal geometry has been one of the pillars of our design approach aiming for sustained continuity between the past and the future. The
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Alanya Urban Square and Seaside

Interface of the City and the Seafront: Alanya Square   Alanya’s past contains important specimens, prehistoric and historic, such as the Damlataş Cave, Historic Bazaar, Red Tower, the Citadel as well as the Hasbahçe and the topography of the city dating to the Seljuk period. These
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