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Idea Project Competition of Kurbağalıdere Valley

Ecological Renewal of Kurbağalıdere – Kuşdili – Kadıköy This project aims to develop a discourse that will breathe life into İstanbul’s Kadıköy, that will configure the future rather than saving the day, and will demonstrate that the city and nature can become one. The most
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Tarsus Urban Square

Tarsus Square and Cleopatra Gateway   The Cleopatra Gate is one of the three main gates of Mersin Tarsus, which used to be a port city. Also known as the “Sea Gate”, this trace of the Byzantine past is the most important historic and cultural landmark of the project, with Gözlükule Mound
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Istanbul International Finance Center

A Sustainable Finance Center for Istanbul IIFC with its 69 hectares project area is located at Anatolian side of İstanbul on the crossing of two major vehicular axes of the city, i.e., TEM and D-100 highways, and along the metro lane. By means of being positioned between Ümraniye and Ataşehir
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BJK Vodafone Park, İnönü Sports Complex

BJK İnönü Sports Complex – Vodafone Park   Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club (Beşiktaş Jimnastik Kulübü, BJK) was founded in 1903 and is the first sports club of Turkey. The fan group of Beşiktaş, nicknamed the “Çarşı”, holds a significant importance in the current matters of the
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Çukurova Regional Airport

Transportation through a Cultural Landscape: Çukurova Regional Airport Shielded from the harsh central Anatolian climate by the Toros Mountains, the fertile plains of Çukurova attract a high population. To enable faster and more efficient transportation between Çukurova and the rest of
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Urban Design Competition for the Kadıköy Urban Square

The project won the third mention award in the urban design competition for the Kadıköy Urban Square, Istanbul in 2020.
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