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LOT 8 City Park and Metro Square

An Urban Landscape Model for Tashkent – Lot8 Urban Space The major idea behind the framework of the LOT8 City Park and connected Metro Station, and the Square is to create an “urban oasis” by means of natural variables. Various green types, wetland, water bodies, and landform articulations
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Istanbul Media Center

Istanbul Media Center – Bridge of CommunicationThe linear shelter, that has designed almost as a bridge and that represents media power, communication, knowledge and data broadcasting, understanding, entertaining and reflecting features of users, followers, and viewers, forms the main spine of
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Kayapınar Urban Square

A Front Facade for Diyarbakır: Kayapınar Hol   A new facade is suggested for Diyarbakır by designing an urban square in the northwestern part of the city center accommodating multi-functional areas in a high quality spatial scheme. Diyarbakır Kayapınar Urban Square, located on the
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Istiklal Street

İstiklal is Reviving …   İstiklal Caddesi, also known as Cadde-i Kebir or Grand Rue de Pera, has become a symbol of İstanbul for its own sake, independent of its association with Taksim. It is an urban line in which cultural and architectural heritage and collective memory live. Before
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