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International Competition of Bandırma Design Park

New Time and Space in Bandırma: An Urban Park and Design Institute The project rests upon the idea of maintaining the existing natural and urban contexts and architectural heritage, and integrating new proposal to Bandırma urban culture. The project takes Bandırma as one of the major
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Invited Urban Design, Landscape and Architectural Project Competition for Çamlıca Urban Park

Yenimahalle – Çamlıca City Park: A Pedestrian Bridge This city park of Çamlıca neighborhood of Yenimahalle district, Ankara, designed for children, youth, adults, elderly people, all neighbors either abled or disabled, is meant to be a recreation and leisure area. Park constitutes
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National Urban Design Project Competition of the Ziyapasa Neighborhood Mimar Sinan Park

Adana park – Seyhan River All over again…   The recent history of the project area reveals a geometric urban pattern featuring formal orange gardens. This formal geometry has been one of the pillars of our design approach aiming for sustained continuity between the past and the future. The
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Idea Competition for Maltepe Regional Park

The Seed: Maltepe Regional Park The origin point for the new life of the Maltepe Regional Park, the Seed of the project, is the Social and Cultural Center, while the proposed lake is the nurturing point of the park. By transforming the vehicular road splitting the park in half into an underpass,
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National Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition for Kızyakup City Park

Bursa Kızyakup City Park   The leading role of Bursa in modernization has impacted the surrounding settlements, with all the master plans featuring grid-plan neighborhoods for immigrants, forced into the organic urban texture. Mass migrations to Bursa following the years of the Early Republic
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Sakarya Urban Park

Escaping to Nature in Sakarya – Urban Park Project site of Urban Park has approximately 72.000 m2 area that is at the city center of Sakarya. Existing flora has been preserved as much as possible while various activities, recreation and leisure spaces are designed and proposed. An integration
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Ankara Gölbaşı Urban Park

The basic aim of Gölbaşı Urban Park project is to rehabilitate existing natural characteristics, to integrate to the town, to complete an urban design study in accordance with natural and wetland ecosystems, to unite with Ankara transportation systems, and to protect and to open the existing
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