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Morocco Casablanca Waterfront, Urban Design and Architectural Project Competition

  Casablanca Waterfront Again - Costablanca   Casablanca, the frontier city of Morocco to the western world, connects Africa with the Atlantic Ocean, but, the city has gradually lost its coastal qualities. In order to integrate existing coastal line to city life in a sustainable way,
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An Idea Competition on Urban Design and Architecture of Konyaaltı Coastal Line

 Antalya Coast Reunifies the Bey Mountains The most significant feature setting Konyaaltı, Antalya, apart from its other coastal peers is its geographical configuration, i.e., its location between the sea and Bey Mountains. The shadow of the Bey Mountains is the point of departure for this
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Landscape Planning and Urban Design Project Competition on the 1st and the 2nd Development Zones of Uludağ National Park

Uludağ National Park   Uludağ National Park was declared in 1961 and gradually, the park area expanded and has reached its current 27.300 hectares. Access to the national park is possible with three different means: highways, aerial cable cars and chairlift. In addition to these, many hiking
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Idea Competition for Maltepe Regional Park

The Seed: Maltepe Regional Park The origin point for the new life of the Maltepe Regional Park, the Seed of the project, is the Social and Cultural Center, while the proposed lake is the nurturing point of the park. By transforming the vehicular road splitting the park in half into an underpass,
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National Botanical Garden of Turkey

Ankara Botanical Garden: Understanding the World of Plants … National Botanical Garden of Turkey, located 10 kilometers away from Ankara city center, covers an approximately 200 ha area on the kilometer 9 of the Ankara-Eskişehir highway. Located between two important university campuses, and
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Ahlat Seljukid Meydanlık Graveyard

Heritage of Ahlat: Seljuk Meydanlık Graveyard The district of Ahlat, located on the northwestern edge of Lake Van in the province of Bitlis, is home to the largest historic Muslim Cemetery in the world: a Seljuk cemetery with six different zones of graves. Selçuklu Meydanlık Graveyard, the
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