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Invited Competition on Urban Regeneration Project for Ankara – Yenimahalle Mehmet Akif Ersoy Neighborhood

Nev-i Derya: An  Ankara Boulevard and a Green Bridge Nev-i Derya regeneration project is located on the Anadolu Boulevard; on the north-south direction of the new westward development corridor of Ankara. Owing to both its scale and its theme, the project will assume a leading role in
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Invited Urban Design, Landscape and Architectural Project Competition for Çamlıca Urban Park

Yenimahalle – Çamlıca City Park: A Pedestrian Bridge This city park of Çamlıca neighborhood of Yenimahalle district, Ankara, designed for children, youth, adults, elderly people, all neighbors either abled or disabled, is meant to be a recreation and leisure area. Park constitutes
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Bilecik Hamsu Valley

Bilecik Hamsu Valley   The Hamsu Valley physically divides the Bilecik morphology (hills and deep valleys connecting them) into two along the east-west axis. Urban regeneration and transformation models were considered for the future through a consideration of the project area’s location
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