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Ordu Boulevard - Divan Road

İstanbul Ordu Boulevard – A Roman Axis or the Divan RoadOrdu Boulevard, almost centrally crossing the Historical Peninsula in İstanbul, extends towards Aksaray Square, and is connected with Vatan Boulevard. Ordu Street, had been known as one of the major axes of the Roman city plan (Castrum),
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Atatürk - Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard

İstanbul Gazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa Boulevard –Plane Trees for a Public SpaceGazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa Boulevard, one of the major, longest on the north-south axis, intersected almost with all main streets at the vicinity, is in Fatih, leading historical district of Istanbul.   The Boulevard
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The Recreational Area for Historical Fevziye Park

An Example for Sustainable Historical Landscape Sites: Bursa Fevziye Pavilion and its Park The Historical Fevziye Pavilion and its Park are in the central area of Bursa, Molla Arap Neighborhood. They are not only significant part of neighborhood’s memory but also very important for Bursa with
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