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Competitions are unresolved issues of our professional life in Turkey

Arkitera, interviewed with Dr.Oktan Nalbantoğlu about ON TASARIM, professional office life, and the architectural / urban design project competitions in Turkey.. Oktan Nalbantoğlu: We, ON TASARIM, are a multidisciplinary office. We have urban designers, landscape architects, architects, city
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'ilk on' ON TASARIM Exhibiton, Ankara, Istanbul, 2018

‘’ilk on’’ Urban and Landscape Encounters: The Story of On Tasarım, founded by Oktan Nalbantoğlu, meets up companions from science and art community, private and public institutions, and colleagues from universities in the field of Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Architecture, so
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From Theory to Practice, Dreams and the Truths

Inönü University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Department of Landscape Architecture has invited Asst. Prof. Dr. Oktan Nalbantoğlu at the sixth session of the 'Mesleki Pratik Söyleşi' series on April, 2021, Online Talks.Nalbantoğlu presented some of selected urban design and
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