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2018 Capital of Tourism: Tabriz

Presentations by Oktan Nalbantoğlu on "new methods of sustainability to ensure urban development in cities" will be held on December 3, 2016 in Tabriz, Iran. The seminar intends to develop a new urban vision for the city of Tabriz and to get opinions from those who have already experienced
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Design Influence(s)

Pafta Magazine has made an interview with Nalbantoğlu on the effects of design on human beings. 1. What are the effects of design on people? Any design process cannot be completed without considering human factors. Design activity is so powerful that it will benefit from the space being
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About The City

If you do not take guidance of urban culture that makes up the memory and character of the city, that design cannot go beyond being a theatrical scene or a decor. Tasarım Dergisi: Currently, many new projects are taking place in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Do you find these studies proper
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Competitions are unresolved issues of our professional life in Turkey

Arkitera, interviewed with Dr.Oktan Nalbantoğlu about ON TASARIM, professional office life, and the architectural / urban design project competitions in Turkey.. Oktan Nalbantoğlu: We, ON TASARIM, are a multidisciplinary office. We have urban designers, landscape architects, architects, city
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Gelecekte Kent ve Peyzaj Mimarlığı

2. Oturum.Kentlerde Peyzaj Mimarlarının Rolü ve Geleceği..Asst. Prof. Dr. A. Oktan NalbantoğluON TASARIM..24 Aralık 2019 I 14:30.Ege Üniversitesi I Feyzi Önder Konferans Salonu
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