Project Description
Blue for Sea – Green for Spring: A Representative Statement of the May the 19th

In keeping the topic of the competition, the major goal of the project is to propose rehabilitation of the waterfront, to design in accordance with nature, to create pedestrian continuity in the east-west axis, and to reunite the city center and the waterfront. For obtaining environmental sustainability, our approach is derived from the macroform. The conceptual title of the project, “the road to hope”, is designed through the “path to infinity” that is represented with the sea let in through the landfill, and it symbolizes the re-emerging of the traces of the Tobacco Pier, one of the most crucial symbols of collective memory. To enhance the context of the area, Tobacco Pier is emphasized by the İlkadım Monument, and the sea is let inside the land until the monument through a channel termed the path to infinity.

Our urban development strategies were developed for rehabilitating the urban texture trapped between the waterfront and the rural landscape:
  • Controlling the densities of developing or rapidly-developing urban areas by paying careful attention to urban morphology, urban landscape infrastructure, climate, and urban green system;
  • Rehabilitating all valleys, and liberating existing rivers from the pressure of dense urbanization;
  • Coordinating state-owned open areas (old airport area, military zones, port, cemeteries) within a system to establish a green urban system;
  • Protecting traces of the historical city center;
  • Moving the existing Samsun Port to the Tekkeköy area in the middle term;
  • Making the existing port serve the recreational, socio-cultural and marine transportation needs that will link Merkezpark with Batıpark in the long term.
In the cultural axis of the city, from west to east, there is the Atatürk Cultural Center, Multi-purpose Hall, İlkadım Monument, Panorama Museum, Samsun Ethnography Museum and the City Hall.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Samsun
  • LocationSamsun, Turkey
  • Year2017
  • Surface1.073.317 m²
  • Prize1st Prize
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