Project Description
An Urban Encounter in Adana – Seyhan: Sucuzade Maidan

The Project site and its immediate surroundings can be described as a synthesis of multi-cultural urban texture, daily urban life components, and space typologies. The site, including Tepebağ historical settlement, has been turned into a decayed and empty area. Despite all negative conditions, the project area still functions as the major vein of Adana commercial life.  The proposal will create a deep “urban fracture” at the city center by its scale and new understanding. Seyhan Sucuzade Urban Square will establish “The Interface” of Historical City Center and Central Business District of Seyhan, will form “An Urban Bridge” between past and future. Besides the main square (maidan) several small scale, court-like piazzettas have been proposed in the project which are contemporary interpretations of traditional “Hayat” rooms.

The area left on the northern direction has been designed as permaculture and healing garden highlighting Adana’s agricultural identity. Landscape design represents legible, pure, but discoursive understanding in cooperation with the local climate, native vegetation, Seyhan river, and materials.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionSeyhan Municipality
  • LocationAdana, Turkey
  • Year2016
  • Surface80.000 m²
  • Prize4th Mention Award
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