Project Description
Tarsus Square and Cleopatra Gateway
The Cleopatra Gate is one of the three main gates of Mersin Tarsus, which used to be a port city. Also known as the “Sea Gate”, this trace of the Byzantine past is the most important historic and cultural landmark of the project, with Gözlükule Mound constituting another important historical index for the area. Since the fortification walls have not survived to our day, the Cleopatra Gate is also the only tangible threshold between the past and the present. The newly-designed city square will act as the space of invitation and gathering in front of the gate. Within the design approach, city square, the city information center that will act as a library, and the dynamic pool (water mirror) constitute the center of the project, as serene elements that pay reverence to the Cleopatra Gate without putting it in their shadow.
The main implementation points of this project, which will constitute a new historical focus for Tarsus, are: rehabilitation of the vehicular and pedestrian traffic especially around the Cleopatra Gate, creation of a micro-climate zone and ample shadow with planting design, and controlled and sufficient lighting. The city square will also visually, functionally and perceptually connect the area to the nearby attractions, such as the museum, religious building and historic landmarks, thus ensuring the sustainability of the historic urban identity of Tarsus.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionTarsus Municipality
  • LocationMersin, Turkey
  • Year2016
  • Surface89.270 m²
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