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‘Onsekiz Sekbanlar’ Martyrdom

‘Onsekiz Sekbanlar’ is known as the first Martyrdom in Istanbul after Mehmed II, The Conqueror Ottoman Sultan, occupied Constantinople in 1453 and transformed into an Ottoman Capital that is located at Fatih District, on Shehzadebashi. There is only one soldier known by his name who rests at the Martyrdom constructed in the 15th century that is built for honor of eighteen volunteer soldiers who had had battle against Byzantines and died, i.e., Hizir bin Hamza.  

The most significant aim of the landscape design project of the Martyrdom is to incline in front of such a spectacular historical site that bonds a bridge between past and future. The landscape project intends to reflect Martyrdom spirit in which nothing designed compete with the site and natural assets are fully preserved. The main approach of the project is to reveal tombstones by unpainted ‘kufeki’ stone, to protect landform, vegetation, graves, and materials entirely. Moreover, reproduction of highly damaged graves; symbolically farewell to eternity via connecting a linear water canal and a narrow path to the memorial wall at the other end of the Martyrdom; and no new planting proposal in order to keep existing perception of the graves and visibility of tombstones.


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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Istanbul, Directorate of Cultural Artefacts and Projects
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Year2018
  • Surface490 m²
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