Project Description
Hatay Kisecik Topography Park

Kisecik Nature Park, which is located inside the agricultural landscapes of Antakya, is a recreational, entertainment, cultural and athletic area truly springing from inside nature. The use of topography is not the main design idea – the park is the very topography itself. The park consists of three main hills, which can be perceived as activity areas that are sunken into or elevated from the landscape, and natural spaces in the form of valleys stretching between these hills. The nature park contains diverse functions such as city terraces used as vista platforms, adrenaline areas, dining spaces, children’s playgrounds, amusement park, green walls, walking tracks, and multi-purpose activity areas. Built with natural bridges and these functions, the nature park is a new living area for Kisecik.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Hatay
  • LocationHatay, Turkey
  • Year2016
  • Surface119.240 m²
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