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Historical Urban Axis of Uşak: A Pedestrianization Project
Today, its many historic examples of civil architecture, mosques, inns and bathhouses function as an open-air museum. But, the city has still many important today such as the extra dense city center, the chaotic traffic and the insufficient roads. Uşak has become denser beyond control, the traditional land survey lines are deformed, the ratios of built and unbuilt land are skewed, and the city is left to its fate. The location and scale of the project area enables it to lead a pedestrian-oriented policy at the city center, which had developed against pedestrians so far. The main aim of the project is to search for urban spaces that respect the history and memory of the city to increase urban awareness, while caring for contemporary urbanism principles.

İsmetpaşa Street, which starts at the train station and terminates at the Municipality Hall, is designed with pedestrian-priority functions in mind. Cumhuriyet Square, which is used as a parking lot currently, is pedestrianized and its real identity is revealed. With the registered buildings around it and the historic Paşahan to its northwest, the square will act like a real focal point. Considering the remains of the bathhouse immediately below the square, the design does not necessitate deep excavations. Water features in the square will turn into a performative waterscape during certain times of the day, and into a shallow water mirror during the morning hours, uniting the historic buildings in the area with the visitors. At certain times, the water will entirely disappear from the square and leave space for activities such as music recitals, festivals, meetings, etc. The other important function in the square is the bazaar for dried produce. By uniting the traditional marketplace with the square, collective memory is emphasized in the city’s identity and trade.

By pedestrianizing the vehicular road to the south of the Municipality Hall, Burma Mosque and Ulu Mosque are united with the Cumhuriyet Square, increasing the emphasis on pedestrian use. This area acts as the core of the historic center, assuming the role of a central park with its dense vegetation.
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  • InstitutionUşak Municipality
  • LocationUşak, Turkey
  • Year2012
  • Surface58.000 m²
  • Prize1st Mention Award
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