Project Description
Adana park – Seyhan River All over again…
The recent history of the project area reveals a geometric urban pattern featuring formal orange gardens. This formal geometry has been one of the pillars of our design approach aiming for sustained continuity between the past and the future. The other pillar of our design is the flow; the motion, the act of going from one place to the other. Building on these concepts, as in other cities, we strived to offer a spatial blueprint for Adana’s complex urban structure. Social, economic, cultural and other forms of relationships have also been taken into consideration.
The proposed square is the main entrance gate and the origin point of the pedestrian axes of the park. The north-oriented activity axis is the powerhouse of the entire park, while the east-oriented promenade binds the two sides of the park with a broad pedestrian bridge. Mimar Sinan Culture Center targets a young audience, while symbolically rebutting and tearing apart conventional architecture. Another important focal point of the square is the modest mosque structure. The light rail system running along the Seyhan River makes the most important recreational area of Adana easily accessible.
The first phase of the project is settling on a regeneration model in which the residents of the area are active stakeholders. The residential units for tourists, art workshops, exhibition halls and the commercial texture proposed by the project will be implemented quickly and without problems through the active engagement of the area’s residents. The low-quality residential areas to the east of the Seyhan River are expected to undergo an accelerated regeneration process, for which an urban model and residential blocks are designed. It is fundamental that urban design takes the lead and directs the application process.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Adana
  • LocationAdana, Turkey
  • Year2008
  • Surface20.000 m²
  • Prize5th Mention Award
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