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Ankara Botanical Garden: Understanding the World of Plants …

National Botanical Garden of Turkey, located 10 kilometers away from Ankara city center, covers an approximately 200 ha area on the kilometer 9 of the Ankara-Eskişehir highway. Located between two important university campuses, and a neighbor to two other universities, the National Botanical Garden occupies a strategic space in Ankara. The park has a dynamic topography defined with 150 meters in elevation difference from the north to the south. The area contains different habitats with slopes facing diverse orientations, natural valleys and two different waterscapes. The project area is divided into two zones: structures (entrance, visitor center, gathering area, thematic greenhouses, activity node, children’s playground and education area, dining area, activity lawn, picnic area, small and large lake, wetlands, research and development center for endemic plants, mass transportation stations and bridges) and gardens (regions of Turkey, countries, seasons, plant families, plants according to soil types, arboretum, steppe plants, existing orchards, thematic gardens and special plants). The circulation network consists of a main axis, as well as primary, secondary and tertiary roads, bicycle path, security lane and public transportation route.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionRepublic of Turkey, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Farming
  • CollaborationTÜMAŞ Co.
  • LocationAnkara, Turkey
  • Year2014
  • Surface2.500.000 m²
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