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Casablanca Waterfront Again - Costablanca
Casablanca, the frontier city of Morocco to the western world, connects Africa with the Atlantic Ocean, but, the city has gradually lost its coastal qualities. In order to integrate existing coastal line to city life in a sustainable way, Casablanca needs to go back to basics, to the original master plan decisions, to prioritize waterfront planning and to consider the demands and needs of all the stakeholders using the waterfront. This is the major and crucial goal of the project.
One of the most significant reflections of this effort is the tram line that branches from the existing network, and travels parallel to the shore between Sidi Abderrahman Avenue and Hassan II Mosque. Our suggestion for Ain Diab, which is heavily preferred by the residents of Casablanca, is a holistic waterfront design. The powerful transportation network woven together by the tram lines, bus routes, vehicular roads and bicycle paths is strengthened by horizontal and perpendicular pedestrian connections, creating movement both from the city to the shore, and along the coast. The squares, view terraces, urban balconies, playgrounds, areas for sand sports and multi-purpose green areas will embrace the city that reaches the Atlantic and will offer high-quality options.
A similarly dynamic, accessible approach has been kept along the El Hank waterfront, to the east of the project area and a more urban character has been proposed. The nodes along El Hank are joined to the dense residential and commercial pattern of the southern parts of the project area with the coast. The emphasized pedestrian promenade running along the bay visually and physically unifies El Hank lighthouse with the Hassan Mosque and the shore line between them.
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  • InstitutionCasa Amenagement
  • LocationCasablanca, Morocco
  • Year2016
  • Surface690.000 m²
  • Prize2ndPrize
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