Project Description
Architecture-Landscape Integration:
METU Teknokent Telekom Research and Development Center
The Telekom Research and Development Center Building, which was designed as a part of the Technocity Complex in the Middle East Technical University Campus, was considered as a whole with the open and green areas designed around it. The project, including structures for four different companies, has aimed at creating a sustainable research environment prioritizing energy efficiency and the maximum possible amount of sunlight. The company structures of various sizes are oriented northwest-southeast and are integrated with the open areas to the south and the north, as well as the social facilities building. The main entrance structure, auditorium and athletic complex feature green roofs, an important principle for landscape design, which were planted in accordance with the recreational area, thus becoming parts of the overall context.
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Project Details
  • CollaborationÖzer / Ürger Architecture
  • InstitutionTürk Telekom
  • LocationAnkara, Turkey
  • Year2010
  • Surface23.100 m²
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