Project Description

The project sets specific norms in order to trace the historical imprints and characteristic plant species for the improvement of green infrastructure. By doing this, stormwater management strategies will be set down. These strategies mainly revolve around the reduction of pollution to create salty and fresh water basin with a strong stormwater management. The goal here is to generate the reduction of run off by absorbing of excess rainwater. This way helps decrease in quantity and speed of water flow and increased amount of green infrastructures. The area involves potential places to work as rain gardens and wet ponds. Infiltration swales are being also arranged as linear trenches with a grassy surface or with aggregate materials.

Urban agriculture activities throughout the Meles basin were encouraged and the scale and number of agricultural lands were increased. These areas are arranged in order to decrease maintenance cost. In this way, the proposal supported by stormwater management strategies serve resistant landscapes and edible landscapes

Due to the flood characteristics of Meles, ecological evaluations are based on the character-function-change approach for the storm management of the river corridor, which will ensure the synchronization of the project with the city and nature. In this context, the basic philosophy in river corridors are arranged to protect the areas and functions with more permeable soil characteristics.

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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Izmir
  • Lead DesignerDr. Oktan Nalbantoglu
  • LocationIzmir, Turkey
  • Year2020
  • Surface4.000.000 m²
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