Project Description
Manisa Grand Mosque Sits Back the Spil Mountain

Located in the central district of the Province of Manisa, by the foothills of the Spil Mountain, the project area is surrounded by the Mevlana Road to the south and by an asphalt road going by the historical buildings at the north. The project area is outside of the fortification walls of the city, and is configured around the Manisa M. İshak Çelebi (Great Mosque) Complex. The complex contains a mosque, madrasah, monumental tomb, fountains and a bath, and is a very valuable example of the Anatolian Turkish architecture. Two plane trees in the park of the Great Mosque are registered historical monuments, with their trunks as wide as four meters each.
One of the main objectives of the design project was to unify the multiple historical structures within the area as a whole, while strengthening the relationships between the project area and Manisa. Redirecting the pedestrian traffic around the Great Mosque will turn the area into a lively urban node that is densely used and sustainable. Thanks to the dynamic topography of the Spil Mountain, the project area boasts an impressive view of the Manisa plain and the urban center, and thus enables the design of viewponts and terraces. This view of Manisa is a fundamental reference point for the design decisions.
The main character of the project is the registered buildings and monumental trees. The project preserved the traces of the historical buildings as they are, and turned the entire area into a holistic historical park with pathways strolling around fountains, walls and buildings. The existing and still-functional buildings, such as the monumental tomb and the mosque, will continue their functioning within this overall plan. The multi-functional area suggested for the western entrance will become a space for the celebrations, meetings and ceremonies related to Manisa’s history.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Manisa
  • LocationManisa, Turkey
  • Year2017
  • Surface51.250 m²
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