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Tavus Baba Mosque, Tomb, and Historical Bath in Çamlıbel Site, Konya – Meram

Konya – Meram, Çamlıbel Site Urban Design Project is placed in Konya Meram District, within boundaries of Selam and Yorgancı neighborhoods, and has 28.000 m2 design area. The major aim of the Project is to design a “Museum City” that will bring very crucial parts of Konya cultural heritage such as Tavus Baba Mosque, Tomb, and Bath. Konya, besides being a multi-cultural Seljuk city, comprises different historic layers and archaeological settlements of Hittites and Lydians, Persians and Roman eras, has further assets of still carrying legible traces of those.  The “Museum City” is not designed merely as a tourism-oriented settlement, by inheriting very nature of ‘museum’ concept, it will be considered as a conservation prior settlement for cultural heritage.  All related streets and squares of the city, other cultural artefacts that are associated will be preserved and rehabilitated in that context. 

A cultural landscape approach that is formed by integration of the project to Meram and to the city of Konya, and by togetherness of old and new in natural, physical, economic, and social scales, establishes the spine of the project. Local and regional identities, and historical and social structures have urgent priority for sustainable cultural heritage management, urban design, and new service space proposals.



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  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Konya
  • LocationKonya, Turkey
  • Year2018
  • Surface28.000 m²
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