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Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus

Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus as a significant example of well-organized settlement designs, is located at the north-eastern side of city center and at the northern district of the main housing settlement. KIHC has distance of 6.5 km. to Sekapark and Marmara Sea and of 4 km. to Bus Terminal. The Health Campus contains four different major components: Main Hospital, The Center of Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy; Building of Technical Services; Hospital of High-Security Criminal Psychiatry. A heliport, closed car-parking lots, and open car-parking areas are included in the Campus design in order to provide services for those units. The project site that has 368,668 m2 area in total embraces 214,744 m2 landscape area.

The Project is dwelt upon the assumption that hospital landscapes requires more tranquil, peaceful, and relaxing spaces in order to fulfil patients’ and their relatives’ demand who have either psychological and / or physiological problems. Depending on this statement open and semi-closed spaces of Kocaeli Health Campus serve as if they are rehabilitation areas. A dense green texture surrounds the hospital building complex. The main framework of the Health Campus has been designed in two directions by means of functionality and visual / aesthetic values: For designing hospital landscape  according to user needs and functions have been analyzed for the most optimum solution; and balance and harmony of hard and soft landscape has been carefully considered, and all entrances and facades, those which necessitates, have been softened via additional planting. Hence, buildings, their connections, and functions have been examined first within the Campus boundaries.

Large entrance squares are proposed in order to ease user movement density in front of Polyclinics since those are widely used and mostly crowded open spaces. Wooden platforms, elongated sitting walls, and decorative ponds have been designed for users and visitors. Landscape approach refers to all interior space designs as well since the Project tries to catch an integrity of indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Lawn areas are limited for reducing watering needs in planting design and for the overall site groundcovers and bushes. This approach has also impacted on figure-ground relations in a positive way. The Campus entrance has been defined by planting; a cascaded pool has been designed that is combined with green where the gateway is. Pool edges have been terraced and turned into recreation areas. Another very important landscape design approach to the Health Campus is to create pure, well-defined inner courtyards that will work as interior gardens for all hospital personnel, patients, their relatives, and visitors.  





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  • InstitutionRepublic of Turkey, Ministry of Health
  • CollaborationTürkerler Holding
  • LocationKocaeli, Turkey
  • Year2019
  • Surface275.230 m²
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