Project Description
Needle of İstanbul to Marmara: Kadıköy Square
The project aims to be an interface between the dense urban area of Kadıköy and the Sea of Marmara. The major goals of the project were to supply the Kadıköy waterfront with recreational and athletic alternatives, to provide pedestrian paths and biking trails as well as to design a waterfront that physically and visually connects the sea with the urban fabric. The main emphasis has been on turning the sea into an active landscape element that can be perceived from all parts of the waterfront and that can be accessed through wooden decks, steps descending to the sea level and green squares reaching over to the sea. 
The pedestrian promenade that contours the sea assumes a fundamental role in the project. Easily accessed by major maritime and land public transportation routes, the promenade integrates the users with the seascape while providing them access to artificial hills, vista terraces, athletic fields, multipurpose plazas, wooden decks, picnic areas and children playgrounds.
Pedestrian and bicycle trails designed independently of the promenade offer alternative pathways to and along the waterfront. The Kadıköy Municipality office building and the Haldun Taner Theater brings cultural and administrative functions to the waterfront, taking it beyond only individual recreation activities.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Istanbul
  • CollaborationTÜMAŞ Co.
  • LocationIstanbul
  • Year2014
  • Surface298.120 m²
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