Project Description

Istanbul Media Center – Bridge of Communication

The linear shelter, that has designed almost as a bridge and that represents media power, communication, knowledge and data broadcasting, understanding, entertaining and reflecting features of users, followers, and viewers, forms the main spine of the Media Center. Planting design and hard landscape those have created by an integrated approach via intersecting, juxtaposing and parallel geometries, connect buildings of Media Center and generate smart (wi-fi) ‘Green Courtyard’s.

The major aim of open space and planting design is representing all colors as in media and communication world. The metaphor of ‘sea of colors’ has been used in all tree, bush, hedge, and flower proposals, and a new information environment has been suggested to users by activity platforms at different layers.


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Project Details
  • InstitutionTurkuvaz Media Group
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Year2019
  • Surface33.111 m²
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