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A Sustainable Finance Center for Istanbul

IIFC with its 69 hectares project area is located at Anatolian side of İstanbul on the crossing of two major vehicular axes of the city, i.e., TEM and D-100 highways, and along the metro lane. By means of being positioned between Ümraniye and Ataşehir districts, its strategical location, accessibility and proximity to the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul, IIFC gains much more important geographical position.

The Istanbul International Finance Center (IIFC) gets benefits from existing systems of Istanbul’s metropolitan and local services, project site, and requirements of a large-scale modern building complex, and the historical background of the districts as to design an integrated whole and its instruments for a sustainable finance center. A wholistic approach of the project enables designing a new model for community needs that is blended in a creative way by considering environmental responsibility and economic feasibility, and vision of Turkish culture and global urban models. The major aim of the IIFC is not just being a focal point in Istanbul and Turkey but rather taking a crucial part in International Finance and Business Community of the World.

The design program and project strategy of this mega project presents an active living environment that unites all compounds; the dense urban fabric, supply the needs of productive landscape and practical needs. It is divided into four sections: culture; commerce; community; and administration. These sections are connected by transportation means of sub-regions so as to create an urban fabric similar to the nature of historical city center of İstanbul with its 7/24 dynamism. Considering variety of the existing residential texture of surroundings, project area comprises a great deal of offices, residential buildings, public spaces, conference center, commerce area, educational area, and urban recreational areas. Main infrastructure enhancements include a brand-new structuring of a subway route and its stations as well as sustainable energy, water line, communication line, and security network systems. Organization of all systems mentioned collected in a unifying podium for designing a functional urban park in İstanbul.

Design approach of open and semi-open spaces has been assumed to let people feel that they are in a city center where they will feel confident and psychologically safe. All streets and squares have similar design approach, color schemas, and material selections but designed by means of different linearities. The urban furniture (sitting, garbage can, information, lighting, etc.) used in the Finance Center is handled with an integrated approach by means of form, texture, color, material.

In design of green belt between the roads and IIFC, a planting design was made to reduce noise and unwanted scenery most likely to be caused by the road. On the other side, the service areas like school, mosque, kindergarten, bazaar that serve to IIFC will satisfy user needs for recreation, such as sports, circulation, sightseeing, and resting. Planting of roads are not to distract people who are travelling on the road and providing aesthetically pleasant views.

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  • InstitutionEmlak Konut Real Estate Investment Company
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Year2018
  • Surface99.930 m²
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