Project Description
Nev-i Derya: An  Ankara Boulevard and a Green Bridge

Nev-i Derya regeneration project is located on the Anadolu Boulevard; on the north-south direction of the new westward development corridor of Ankara. Owing to both its scale and its theme, the project will assume a leading role in furthering the quality of the urban infrastructure in the area, while becoming an active member of the silhouette and city life of Ankara. The project will also contribute to the urban design in Ankara by giving the Anadolu Boulevard a real boulevard identity.

The project offers a mix-use design that stitches two disjointed islands of structures together. The search for continuity in design is manifested in a ‘green bridge’ physically joining two sides. Contrary to conventional pedestrian passes, the green bridge is designed as an active and living space of recreation.

While not included in the original project program, a block reserved for offices is proposed to enhance the attraction of the space and to contribute to the diversity of uses in the area. The commercial complex including the office block, as well as two residential blocks completing this complex, will complement the boulevard with their western facades, while their eastern facades join forces with the dock and the bio-pool for an effective space serving the residential areas. Covered parking lots are designed for the office building, the commercial complex and the residential blocks, with additional open parking areas in the facade facing the boulevard. A lake covering almost 20.000 m2 is labelled ‘bio-pool’ due to its ability to clean itself and its use of biological treatment techniques. Underwater and waterfront plants will be used in the pool to help with water treatment and to reduce maintenance costs. Living areas are designed for the fauna proposed to inhabit the lake, such as swans, geese and ducks.

While the commercial complex continues along the boulevard, three parts of it are torn apart to let the landscape design in the background visually continue into the boulevard. In both islands of structures, cafes and restaurants are designed. Opening up areas of use in two different levels will enhance pedestrian comfort as well as visual continuity. The areas on the upper level, facing the residential blocks, are designed as roof gardens.

Nev-i Derya revolves around security, durability, ease of access, good management, comfort, ease of owning property, smart buildings, visual quality and social activity alternatives.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionYDA Group
  • LocationAnkara, Turkey
  • Year2011
  • Prize2nd Prize
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