Project Description
The Landscape of Respect: Gallipoli Peninsula

The project marks the location of a field hospital that operated during the First World War. The visitor’s journey starts and finishes on the Dardanelles, just like the wounded soldiers brought to the Ağadere Field Hospital a century ago.

The spine of the project is the Road of Eternity, a linear element leading to the Monumental Wallwhile accompanied by 40 cm-high steel rods symbolizing fallen soldiers and a pebble-filled linear reflection pool. The Monumental Wall, 5 m-high and 140 m-long, bears the names of martyr soldiers in shades of gray. As one approaches the wall, the names gradually get clearer and come into being. Walking away, towards the Dardanelles, the steel rods echo the same effect as they go from being pixels in the distance to individual silhouettes.

Immediately behind the Monumental Wall is the museum building, a steel-frame structure barely touching the ground. As the museum space gets deeper, it gets darker – the visitor who is in complete darkness in the end is now lost in this monumental landscape and has become part of the memories of the Çanakkale War.

Nightscaping is one of the most ambitious aspects of the project. The use of low, hidden lights dramatically highlights the steel soldiers, the Monumental Wall, water features, the Road of Eternity and the graves.
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Project Details
  • LocationÇanakkale, Turkey
  • Year2012
  • Surface155.000 m²
  • Prize1st Prize
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