Project Description
The Seed: Maltepe Regional Park

The origin point for the new life of the Maltepe Regional Park, the Seed of the project, is the Social and Cultural Center, while the proposed lake is the nurturing point of the park. By transforming the vehicular road splitting the park in half into an underpass, continuity is achieved for the wild life and the natural habitat. The project is conceptualized as a part of the surrounding forest landscapes, and is thus conceived as a part of nature.

With urban ecology as its main principle, and holistic design as its major aspiration, the project features three principal areas: the northeast-southwest oriented ‘Eco-corridor’; the north-south oriented ‘Activity Axis’; and the natural preservation and passive recreation area to the south of the Maltepe University.

The Eco-corridor lingers until the Seed building, the social and cultural center of the park, and ends with the nursery and park administration building to the north. The Seed Building is designed as a structure that uses the minimum amount of energy possible, makes use of innovative technologies, recycles, operates on solar energy for self-sufficiency, and that contains rooms for seminars, simulations, cine-vision, child-youth cinema and dining. The Activity Axis is proposed for hosting miscellaneous social, cultural and artistic events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and art sales.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Istanbul, Directorate of Research and Projects
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Year2007
  • Surface5.250.000 m²
  • Prize1st Prize
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