Project Description

The basic aim of Gölbaşı Urban Park project is to rehabilitate existing natural characteristics, to integrate to the town, to complete an urban design study in accordance with natural and wetland ecosystems, to unite with Ankara transportation systems, and to protect and to open the existing wetland to public in a controlled way. In order to provide water use control almost no new planting has been proposed except woods, existing reeds have been preserved, and rain forest has been recommended. In addition to this strategy, rain gardens and wet ponds have been proposed. These rain gardens filter and purify water. Field of solar energy panels has also been proposed of which collected energy would be used for lighting. Thus, preventing both water and energy shortage, and controlling them have been considered. The most inner circle of the main scheme is the existing wetland area together with natural reeds that will be entirely preserved, be cleaned and/or rehabilitated wherever needed, and will be prohibited for uncontrolled visiting. The ecosystem is supposed to live longer, therefore this inner ring will be the new life core.

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Project Details
  • InstitutionRepublic of Turkey, Mınistry of Environment and Urbanism, General Directorate of Protection of Natural Assets
  • Lead DesignerDr. Oktan Nalbantoglu
  • LocationAnkara, Turkey
  • Year2019
  • Surface740.000 m²
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