Project Description
Transportation through a Cultural Landscape: Çukurova Regional Airport

Shielded from the harsh central Anatolian climate by the Toros Mountains, the fertile plains of Çukurova attract a high population. To enable faster and more efficient transportation between Çukurova and the rest of Turkey, an airport was designed between the provinces of Adana and Mersin. The landscape design of the project takes references from the rich historical and natural heritage of Çukurova, while producing a sustainable and ecologically-sensitive design.
The conceptual approach of the landscape design emerges from the fields surrounding the airport; using their geometry in an abstract way. The airport thus gets lost in the fields, becoming an extension of the natural and cultural landscape. The selection of the plants from the native species of the region strengthens ecological sustainability. By using easy-to-maintain plants to create a green shell, a micro-climate is created to minimize the energy need of the terminals. Çukurova Regional Airport is a living testimony to how cultural landscape can be referenced to create the spaces of the future.
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Project Details
  • InstitutionState Airports Directorate
  • CollaborationEAA - Emre Arolat Architecture
  • LocationAdana, Turkey
  • Year2017
  • Surface869.850 m²
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