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İstanbul Gazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa Boulevard –Plane Trees for a Public Space

Gazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa Boulevard, one of the major, longest on the north-south axis, intersected almost with all main streets at the vicinity, is in Fatih, leading historical district of Istanbul.   The Boulevard carries several historical, architectural, registered buildings on it such as: Tomb of Mehmet Emin Tokadi, Şeb Sefa Hatun Mosque and fountains, Gazanfer Aga Religious Complex, Bozdoğan Roman Aquaduct, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Monument, Sarachane Archaeological Park, and Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Mosque. Buildings that have continuing recognitions on Fatih District’s collective memory like Istanbul Manifaturacılar Bazaar and Institute of Social Security place on that axis as well.

Plane trees have been proposed along the Boulevard in order to create an integration of planting traces and to symbolize permanency. One of the main aims of the project is to design pedestrian circulation in a safe and comfortable way through the site via sustainable and continuous approach. Gazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa and other main boulevards are connected at Yenikapı District and turn into an urban square. Another basic aim of the project is to rehabilitate that square in order to ease flow of vehicular traffic and to unite the Historical Peninsula to Aksaray and Fatih on east-west direction in a clearer way. Gazi Mustafa Kemalpaşa, Atatürk, Ordu and Vatan boulevards, four axes that are joined in a cross form, define Fatih District from four sides, and lead Sultanahmet to Bayrampaşa and Golden Horn to Yenikapı directions. Continuity of public spaces has proposed by reorganizing vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle movements.


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  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Istanbul, Directorate of Research and Projects
  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • Year2018
  • Surface165.590 m²
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