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 Antalya Coast Reunifies the Bey Mountains

The most significant feature setting Konyaaltı, Antalya, apart from its other coastal peers is its geographical configuration, i.e., its location between the sea and Bey Mountains. The shadow of the Bey Mountains is the point of departure for this project – the coast almost speaks with the mountains. Konyaaltı lacks a worthy and continuous coastal line. Starting with Boğaçay, all the rivers terminating in the sea (Arıdere, Büyük Arap Suyu, Küçük Arap Suyu) are struggling for survival while they should have been major life veins for the city. By taking ‘moving with nature’ as its main aim for visitors and residents alike, the project offers urban spaces reflecting the city image; with squares, city terraces, beach activities, social service areas connected to each other with an efficient transportation system.

One of the major elements of the project is the attitude to preserve the Boğaçay River Basin that splits the city into two along the east-west axis. With its first-degree fertile soil holding the potential to become a regionally important agricultural center, this basin is expected to become the ecological agriculture center for the city. The existing structures on the basin will be removed, so that the river can return to its original bed, and become an ‘ecological filter’ for the city with its flora, reeds and wetland ecosystem. To protect the agricultural land from the unplanned development of the city, the agricultural areas are expanded, the city is shrunk, the floor area ratios are lowered, and a green belt is suggested between the existing urban pattern and the agricultural lands. This belt, serving as the new green network of Konyaaltı, connects all recreational areas and the shore together.

Antalya needs traffic solutions using clean energy (tram, bicycle and pedestrian paths) in its planning for the future. Akdeniz Boulevard is supported with pedestrian-oriented functions, tram, and bicycles. Dumlupınar Boulevard’s vehicular traffic is lowered and the circulation system is supported with a tram line, broad pedestrian pavements and bicycle paths. Underneath the boulevard is a parking lot able to hold approximately 850 cars.
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  • InstitutionGreater City Municipality of Antalya
  • LocationAntalya, Turkey
  • Year2015
  • Surface420.000 m²
  • Prize2nd Prize
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