Project Description

Urban Park Project has 48.650 m2 area that is located at the central part of Adana city, in Seyhan district, having 500 m. distance to Seyhan River. The major idea of landscape design is to protect existing built and natural inventory on the site as much as possible, and to transform the site via an integrated approach in accordance with Adana’s natural assets, for all user groups. The Stadium existed on the site together with its lawn area has been protected and turned into a combined part of the project.

Existing flora, new playground for children, water canals, fountains, and reflection pool are taken care of by means of landscape restoration. In the overall project it has been aimed to sustain rural texture by which it would be possible to create a ‘section from the nature’ where visitors relax and recreate.

Planting design is based on plant types that are compatible with ecological background of the site and as continuation of existing ones. At the periphery of the overall site plane trees are used whereas through the inner parts of the Garden some other types having variety of color, scent, and texture such as jacaranda, crape myrtle, plum, judas tree, maple, and linden. Willow trees are used along watersides. Cedar and pine trees are proposed as evergreens. Fruit gardens are formed having fruit trees, peculiar to the region like orange, pomegranate, and bitter orange. Plant colors and textures have been considered for bushes as well.

The main activity area, containing the lawn of the stadium, is located at the heart of the Public Garden and is suggested to have different activities and events through the year. Fireless picnic grounds, playgrounds for various age groups, and resting areas are connected to each other.

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Project Details
  • InstitutionHousing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ)
  • LocationAdana, Turkey
  • Year2019
  • Surface48.650 m²
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