About us

dynamic and professional approach

ON TASARIM, a Company of Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture, has been founded in 2007 by Dr. Oktan Nalbantoğlu for establishing ecology-based, sustainable, universal and high-quality urban spaces by an innovative and creative design approach. ON TASARIM aims at producing integrated projects in which various scales and characteristics of urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture are handled for making our actual physical environments more livable, our cities, preservation areas, archaeological and historic sites more resilient, and in which nature-city, past-future relationships are being questioned and improved.  ON TASARIM is being coordinated and preceded by two major offices, i.e., Ankara and Istanbul, and is getting wider by two recent offices of Izmir and Montenegro, serves with its professional staff of forty people of different disciplines in either Turkey or abroad.

designing for future …

ON TASARIM invests on people, spaces, and product quality via its creative, distinct nature, and via sustainable solutions. Through searching functional, durable, and economic alternatives, incorporating traditional places with contemporary approaches, the company has started to take its place on the international design arena by its ecological, collective memory resilient projects and applications.

ON TASARIM argues that it is very crucial to preserve architecture, spatial identity, and urban culture, and to transfer them to future generations in order to protect and to develop cities’ genuine identities. The planning concepts and decisions, and design approaches that hold cultural heritage, urban memory, historical city centers, squares, streets, and traditional neighborhood understanding alive, are vital for urban design. Our key targets in our projects are: considering social dynamics; obtaining resilient and predictable urban development; balancing eco-systems; establishing livable and smart spaces; accessibility for everybody including all disadvantageous user groups; continuous pedestrian movement; and the green texture.

Topics and issues such as landscape ecology, management of natural assets, ecological footprints, conservation biology, ecological balance, ecosystem health, maintenance ecology, and permaculture and the principle of "the site geography is our guide" is the motto of the conceptual approaches of ON TASARIM.

user-oriented and context-based vision …

ON TASARIM is a design company that produces urban landscape design projects in which there is a possibility of capturing fluid transitions between different scales and a transdisciplinary attitude of “listening the place”, designing to restructure balance of natural and human-made, if necessary. Large-scale urban design projects that we completed so far represent variety of our urban interventions, contextual richness, and scale awareness, i.e., urban renovation, urban transformation, residential settlements and mass housing areas, commercial areas and shopping malls, health complexes, education buildings and university campuses, urban squares, pedestrian zones, street rehabilitation, architectural facade renewal, recreation areas, theme and city parks, sports fields, children's playgrounds, coastal lines and waterfronts, tourism-focused settlements, transportation network landscape projects such as airports, highways, and railways, cultural and industrial heritage sites and sanctuaries.

ON TASARIM progresses all project processes in an integrated manner and offers alternative solutions for master plan, partial conservation plan, conceptual schema, site and architectural plan, application project, analyses of details and system sections, and professional contracts.

Our company has been working on creative, research-oriented and practical experiences that meet state-of-the-art needs of our times since its foundation on the first day. ON TASARIM, being aware of the fact that landscape architecture and architecture serve for humanity and society, pursuing global climate change issues and urbanization policies, intends to connect city values to the ability to create spaces, and to relate architecture to its environment. Our goal is to produce permanent solutions for enlarging the limits of landscape projects in Turkey, for creating a continuous awareness for ecology, and to develop sustainable designs by putting nature and living bodies at the very center.